What we are all about

LabCare, founded in 2005 is committed to providing excellent service. Our mission is to supply reputable cost effective quality equipment, consumables, reagents and training to blood services in South Africa and Africa. LabCare has more than 40 year's practical experience in the field of blood banking and quality systems.

LabCare is proud to be the appointed distributor for ALBA Bioscience Ltd, a manufacturer of renowned quality monoclonal blood grouping reagents and associated products. LabCare is also the distributor of RJ Consani Phlebotomy donation beds and Accucol II donation mixer/scales in Africa. We have experience in customer liaison with laboratory design and the placement of appropriate equipment. Our areas of expertise in blood banking includes Donor recruitment, Blood collection, Blood processing, Donation testing, Compatibility testing, Inventory Management and Quality Management Systems.

Our product range includes
  • Blood Banking Consumables (lancets, test tubes, cotton wool plasters, tourniquets, artery forceps and scissors)
  • Diagnostic blood grouping reagents (antisera, panel cells, screening cells and controls)
  • Blood Bags (complete range of JMS products)
  • Blood Bag Labels and Printers
  • Needles and syringes
  • Disinfectants, hand scrubs and alcohol swabs
  • Rapid test kits (HIV, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, Malaria)
  • Blood Banking Equipment
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The members and associates have many years of practical experience in blood banking.
  • Blood Donor Recruiting
  • Collection of Blood
  • Processing of Blood into components
  • Blood Group Testing
  • Compatibility Testing
  • Customer Service
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